aspect ratio

[ as-pekt rey-shoh, rey-shee-oh ]
/ ˈæs pɛkt ˌreɪ ʃoʊ, ˌreɪ ˌʃi oʊ /
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Aeronautics. the ratio of the span of an airfoil to its mean chord.
Digital Technology, Television. the ratio of the width of an image to its height, usually a standard ratio such as 16 to 9 or 4 to 3.
Naval Architecture. the ratio of the height of a rudder to its fore-and-aft length.
  1. Also called fineness ratio, slenderness ratio. the ratio of the mean diameter of the body of a rocket or missile to its length.
  2. the ratio of the length of the combustion chamber of a rocket motor to its diameter.



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Origin of aspect ratio

First recorded in 1905–10
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British Dictionary definitions for aspect ratio

aspect ratio


the ratio of width to height of the picture on a television or cinema screen
aeronautics the ratio of the span of a wing to its mean chord
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