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ad astra per aspera

[ahd ah-strah per ah-spe-rah; English, ad as-truh per as-per-uh]
  1. to the stars through difficulties: motto of Kansas.
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Historical Examples of aspera

  • The male of Ceratophora aspera bears on the extremity of Fig. 34.

    The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex

    Charles Darwin

  • Severall sorts of Raia's skates & Thornebacks the Raia clauata oxyrinchus, raia oculata, aspera, spinosa fullonica.

  • Bronchocele, s. 'a tumor of that part of the aspera tertia, called the Bronchos,' and this last word is wanting.

  • The priest, standing over the head of the corpse, faces the lamps, with branches of Leucas aspera and Vitex Negundo at his feet.