[ uh-sem-blij; for 3, 4 also French a-sahn-blazh ]
/ əˈsɛm blɪdʒ; for 3, 4 also French a sɑ̃ˈblaʒ /
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a group of persons or things gathered or collected; an assembly; collection; aggregate.
the act of assembling; state of being assembled.
Fine Arts.
  1. a sculptural technique of organizing or composing into a unified whole a group of unrelated and often fragmentary or discarded objects.
  2. a work of art produced by this technique.Compare collage, found object, ready-made (def. 4).
Archaeology. the aggregate of artifacts and other remains found on a site, considered as material evidence in support of a theory concerning the culture or cultures inhabiting it.



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Origin of assemblage

From French, dating back to 1695–1705; see origin at assemble, -age
re·as·sem·blage, nounsub·as·sem·blage, noun
assemblage , assembly
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British Dictionary definitions for assemblage

/ (əˈsɛmblɪdʒ) /


a number of things or persons assembled together; collection; assembly
a list of dishes served at a meal or the dishes themselves
the act or process of assembling or the state of being assembled
(ˌæsəmˈblɑːʒ) a three-dimensional work of art that combines various objects into an integrated whole
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Scientific definitions for assemblage

[ ə-sĕmblĭj ]

A collection of artifacts from a single datable component of an archaeological site. Depending on the site and culture, an assemblage may be associated with a single limited activity, as with stone tools found at a butchering site, or may reflect a broad range of cultural life, as with artifacts that are found in a communal living site.
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