US ax

/ (æks) /

nounplural axes
  1. a hand tool with one side of its head forged and sharpened to a cutting edge, used for felling trees, splitting timber, etc: See also hatchet

  2. an axe to grind

    • an ulterior motive

    • a grievance

    • a pet subject

  1. the axe informal

    • dismissal, esp from employment; the sack (esp in the phrase get the axe)

    • British severe cutting down of expenditure, esp the removal of unprofitable sections of a public service

  2. US slang any musical instrument, esp a guitar or horn

  1. to chop or trim with an axe

  2. informal to dismiss (employees), restrict (expenditure or services), or terminate (a project)

Origin of axe

Old English æx; related to Old Frisian axa, Old High German acchus, Old Norse öx, Latin ascia, Greek axinē

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