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first attested 1915.


11 Back To School Quotes To Kick-Start The YearYou learn so much more than just facts and figures in school. These quotes show the importance of education outside of studying and tests.

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Examples from the Web for back-to-nature

  • Of all the people to look up to for a back-to-nature stance, why the monster from Spahn Ranch?

    Mrs. Manson, Hometown Antihero|Justin Glawe|November 24, 2014|DAILY BEAST
  • This is not a plea for a back-to-nature movement, for the simple life, for a life which tends away from industrialism.

  • He was ready for almost anythingshort of an imitation of that back-to-nature hero of a popular novel.

    Nothing But the Truth|Frederic S. Isham
  • Class Fours periodically "rough it" in back-to-nature movements.

    Teething Ring|James Causey