bad faith

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  1. lack of honesty and trust: Bad faith on the part of both negotiators doomed the talks from the outset.

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  • Her bad faith as a good mother seeks shelter behind her child, your son is her accomplice.

  • In southern Europe, team-work along all lines is limited by selfishness and bad faith.

    The Old World in the New | Edward Alsworth Ross
  • The bad faith, citizens, of which the Jewish nation is accused does not come from themselves but from their priests.

  • Why, sir, if it would have been bad faith to have excluded Kentucky, was it not bad faith to exclude Missouri?

    The Slavery Question | John M. Landrum
  • They display in their commercial manuvres great ability jointed to the most signal bad faith.

    The Desert World | Arthur Mangin

British Dictionary definitions for bad faith

bad faith

  1. intention to deceive; treachery or dishonesty (esp in the phrase in bad faith)

  2. Also called: mauvaise foi (in the philosophy of the 20th-century French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre) self-deception, as when an agent regards his actions as conditioned by circumstances or conventions in order to evade his own responsibility for choosing them freely

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