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Bartholin's gland

[bahr-toh-linz, bahr-tl-inz]
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noun Anatomy.
  1. either of two small, oval, mucus-secreting glands, one on each side of the base of the vagina.
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Origin of Bartholin's gland

1920–25; named after Caspar Bartholin (1655–1738), Danish anatomist, who described them in 1637
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British Dictionary definitions for bartholin's glands

Bartholin's glands

pl n
  1. anatomy two small reddish-yellow glands, one on each side of the vaginal orifice, that secrete a mucous lubricating substance during sexual stimulation in femalesCompare Cowper's glands
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Word Origin

named by Caspar Bartholin (1655–1738), Danish anatomist, in honour of his father, Thomas
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bartholin's glands in Medicine

Bartholin's gland

  1. Either of two compound tubuloalveolar mucus-secreting glands situated in the lateral walls on each side of the vestibule of the vagina.greater vestibular gland
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