[ bahr-truhm ]

  1. John, 1699–1777, U.S. botanist.

  2. a male given name.

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How to use Bartram in a sentence

  • "That's my understandin' of it, Mr. Bartram," said the ex-convict, continuing his inflictions upon the bit of leather.

    All He Knew | John Habberton
  • The story that Reynolds Bartram had "stood up for prayers" went through Bruceton and the surrounding country like wildfire.

    All He Knew | John Habberton
  • Away went Deacon Quickset to Bartram's office, and was so fortunate as to find the lawyer in.

    All He Knew | John Habberton
  • "It is a very short story," said Bartram, now entirely calm, as he leaned against his desk and folded his arms.

    All He Knew | John Habberton
  • But it seemed to her that there was a place where the line should be drawn, and that Reynolds Bartram had overstepped it.

    All He Knew | John Habberton