/ (ˌbæsɪˈnɛt, ˈbæsɪˌnɛt) /

  1. armour a variant spelling of basinet

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How to use bascinet in a sentence

  • The later form of bascinet has a movable visor which is known among armour collectors as the pig-faced bascinet (Plate V).

    Armour & Weapons | Charles John Ffoulkes
  • Sometimes, in the case of Royalty or princes of rank, the bascinet was encircled with a fillet or crown of gold and gems.

    Armour & Weapons | Charles John Ffoulkes
  • In this illustration appears also the gorget of plate that was worn over the throat and chin with the bascinet.

    Armour & Weapons | Charles John Ffoulkes
  • The wearing of the bascinet, salade, burgonet, and like helmets needs no detailed description.

    Armour & Weapons | Charles John Ffoulkes
  • It was fixed to hinges at the sides of the bascinet with pins, and was removable at will.

    A Complete Guide to Heraldry | Arthur Charles Fox-Davies