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verb (used with object)

Slang. to hit on the head, especially with a baseball.


beans, (used to express disbelief, annoyance, etc.).



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Idioms for bean

    full of beans, Informal.
    1. energetic; vigorously active; vital: He is still full of beans at 95.
    2. stupid; erroneous; misinformed.
    spill the beans, Informal. to disclose a secret, either accidentally or imprudently, thereby ruining a surprise or plan: He spilled the beans, and she knew all about the party in advance.

Origin of bean

before 950; Middle English bene,Old English bēan; cognate with Old Norse baun,Old Frisian bāne,Dutch boon,Old Saxon, Old High German bona (German Bohne), probably <Germanic *babnō, cognate with Russian bob,Latin faba<European Indo-European *bhabh-
beanlike, adjective
bean , been, Ben, bin

Definition for bean (2 of 2)

[ been ]
/ bin /


Alan L(aVern), 1932–2018, U.S. astronaut.
Roy "Judge", 1825?–1903, U.S. frontiersman and justice of the peace: called himself “the law west of the Pecos.”
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British Dictionary definitions for bean

/ (biːn) /



mainly US and Canadian slang (tr) to hit (a person) on the head
Old English bēan; related to Old Norse baun, Old Frisian bāne, Old High German bōna bean
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Idioms and Phrases with bean


see full of beans; not have a bean; not know beans; not worth a dime (bean); spill the beans; tough break (beans).

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