1680s, from bee + sting (n.). Related: Bee-stung, which, of lips, is attested by 1845.

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Examples from the Web for bee-sting

  • A sugarplum may help one to forget a bee-sting, but a death-thrust is another matter.

    Mary Ware in Texas|Annie F. Johnston
  • The hypodermic injections of bee-sting poison were then discontinued.

    Handbook of Medical Entomology|William Albert Riley
  • The fairy inoculated him from harm with a bee-sting, and gave him to the rescued infant's mother.

    Violets and Other Tales|Alice Ruth Moore
  • Phil began the week by getting a bee-sting on his lip, and a bite on the cheek from a parrot that he was teasing.

    The Story of Dago|Annie Fellows-Johnston