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[ bur-ding ]
/ ˈbɜr dɪŋ /


the identification and observation of wild birds in their natural habitat as a recreation; bird-watching.


Which Came First: Turkey The Bird, Or Turkey The Nation?The republic of Turkey (look north of Egypt, east of Greece) isn't exactly a breeding ground for the bird that Americans associate with Thanksgiving. In fact, the turkey is native to North America ... so, why do they share the same name?

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Origin of birding

1560–70 for earlier sense “hunting birds”; bird + -ing1

Definition for birding (2 of 2)


[ burd ]
/ bɜrd /


verb (used without object)

to catch or shoot birds.
to bird-watch.

Origin of bird

before 900; Middle English byrd, bryd, Old English brid(d) young bird, chick
Related formsbird·less, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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  • Social scientists have studied what draws a person to birding, and there are differing schools of thought.

    ‘The Central Park Effect’ Explores the Magical Power of Birding|Rebecca Dana|July 13, 2012|DAILY BEAST
  • He is gone a birding sir Iohn, and I hope will not come home yet.

    The Merry Wives of Windsor|William Shakespeare
  • One of the merits of “birding” with a sparrow-hawk is that everyone out is always busily engaged.

  • A Birding thus early, what forbidden Game rouz'd you so soon?

    The Busie Body|Susanna Centlivre

British Dictionary definitions for birding (1 of 3)


/ (ˈbɜːdɪŋ) /


another name for bird-watching
Derived Formsbirder, noun

British Dictionary definitions for birding (2 of 3)


/ (bɜːd) /


nickname of (Charlie) Parker

British Dictionary definitions for birding (3 of 3)


/ (bɜːd) /


Derived Formsbirdlike, adjective

Word Origin for bird

Old English bridd, of unknown origin
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Science definitions for birding


[ bûrd ]

Any of numerous warm-blooded, egg-laying vertebrate animals of the class Aves. Birds have wings for forelimbs, a body covered with feathers, a hard bill covering the jaw, and a four-chambered heart.

A Closer Look

It is generally believed that birds are descended from dinosaurs and probably evolved from them during the Jurassic Period. While most paleontologists believe that birds evolved from a small dinosaur called the theropod, which in turn evolved from the thecodont, a reptile from the Triassic Period, other paleontologists believe that birds and dinosaurs both evolved from the thecodont. There are some who even consider the bird to be an actual dinosaur. According to this view, the bird is an avian dinosaur, and the older dinosaur a nonavian dinosaur. Although there are variations of thought on the exact evolution of birds, the similarities between birds and dinosaurs are striking and undeniable. Small meat-eating dinosaurs and primitive birds share about twenty characteristics that neither group shares with any other kind of animal; these include tubular bones, the position of the pelvis, the shape of the shoulder blades, a wishbone-shaped collarbone, and the structure of the eggs. Dinosaurs had scales, and birds have modified scales-their feathers-and scaly feet. Some dinosaurs also may have had feathers; a recently discovered fossil of a small dinosaur indicates that it had a featherlike covering. In fact, some primitive fossil birds and small meat-eating dinosaurs are so similar that it is difficult to tell them apart based on their skeletons alone.
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