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/ blɪŋk /
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Idioms about blink

    on the blink, not in proper working order; in need of repair: The washing machine is on the blink again.

Origin of blink

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English blinken (verb), variant of blenken “to quail, shrink back, blench” (see blench1); cognate with Dutch, German blinken

synonym study for blink

1. See wink1.
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What does blink mean?

To blink is to open and close the eyes rapidly, usually involuntarily. A blink is the act of blinking.

To blink is also to shine unsteadily, as a light that is about to die might.

In a figurative sense, to blink means to be startled or dismayed, as in Carter blinked at all the money his business partner spent on traveling.

To blink can also mean to ignore or avoid something, as in Society will blink at rude behavior if the person being rude is powerful enough.

Example: Blink your eyes when you see the light flash.

Where does blink come from?

The first records of the term blink come from the mid-1200s. It comes from the Middle English blenken, meaning “to quail, shrink back, or flinch.”

Humans unconsciously blink their eyes a lot without realizing—up to 20 times a minute! Perhaps that frequency is why we have so many senses of the word blink. A blink can also be a gleam of light, as in The house was almost completely dark, with just a blink of light coming from the cellar. Blinkers can be flashing lights, such as turn signals in a car, or flaps on a bridle that prevent a horse from seeing sideways, effectively blinkering its vision. The phrase on the blink means “not working properly,” such as when you turn your computer on and nothing happens. And if anyone tells you not to blink or you’ll miss it, they mean that something is going to happen very quickly.

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Blink is commonly used to refer to involuntarily closing your eyes.


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A. flash
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C. squint
D. attend

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British Dictionary definitions for blink

/ (blɪŋk) /


Word Origin for blink

C14: variant of blench 1; related to Middle Dutch blinken to glitter, Danish blinke to wink, Swedish blinka
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see on the blink.

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