a mocking term for a person with bad eyesight, c.1500, from blink (v.) + -ard. Figuratively, "one who lacks intellectual perception" (1520s).

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Historical Examples of blinkard

  • Now you won't mind listening to the conditions of sale; Mr. Blinkard'll read 'em, and they won't wirry you, they're very short.

  • I should think he would sing since he's got a bet on it, you precious innocent, you noodle, Blinkard!'

  • The Blinkard smiled complacently, took the cap in both hands, and began shaking it.

  • The Blinkard put his hand into the cap and took out the booth-keeper's halfpenny; every one drew a long breath.

  • The Gabbler and the Blinkard began joining in in an undertone, and exclaiming: 'Bravely done!