[ blot ]
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  1. a spot or stain, especially of ink on paper.

  2. a blemish on a person's character or reputation: He had been haunted by a blot on his past.

  1. Archaic. an erasure or obliteration, as in a writing.

verb (used with object),blot·ted, blot·ting.
  1. to spot, stain, soil, or the like.

  2. to darken; make dim; obscure or eclipse (usually followed by out): We watched as the moon blotted out the sun.

  1. to dry with absorbent paper or the like: to blot the wet pane.

  2. to remove with absorbent paper or the like.

verb (used without object),blot·ted, blot·ting.
  1. to make a blot; spread ink, dye, etc., in a stain: The more slowly I write, the more this pen blots.

  2. to become blotted or stained: This paper blots too easily.

  1. Chemistry. to transfer an array of separated components of a mixture to a chemically treated paper for analysis.: Compare gel (def. 4), gel electrophoresis.

Verb Phrases
  1. blot out,

    • to make indistinguishable; obliterate: to blot out a name from the record.

    • to wipe out completely; destroy: Whole cities were blotted out by bombs.

Origin of blot

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English noun blot(te); orign uncertain; perhaps akin to Old Norse blettr “blot, spot, stain”; the verb is derivative of the noun

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  • blotless, adjective
  • blot·ting·ly, adverb
  • blotty, adjective
  • un·blot·ted, adjective

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[ blot ]

  1. Backgammon. an exposed piece liable to be taken or forfeited.

  2. Archaic. an exposed or weak point, as in an argument or course of action.

Origin of blot

First recorded in 1590–1600; origin uncertain; perhaps from Low German blat, akin to bloot “bare, exposed, unprotected”; possibly cognate with Dutch bloot, German bloss bare Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

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/ (blɒt) /

  1. a stain or spot of ink, paint, dirt, etc

  2. something that spoils or detracts from the beauty or worth of something

  1. a blemish or stain on one's character or reputation

verbblots, blotting or blotted
  1. (of ink, dye, etc) to form spots or blobs on (a material) or (of a person) to cause such spots or blobs to form on (a material)

  2. blot one's copybook informal to spoil one's reputation by making a mistake, offending against social customs, etc

  1. (intr) to stain or become stained or spotted

  2. (tr) to cause a blemish in or on; disgrace

  3. to soak up (excess ink, etc) by using blotting paper or some other absorbent material

  4. (of blotting paper or some other absorbent material) to absorb (excess ink, etc)

  5. (tr often foll by out)

    • to darken or hide completely; obscure; obliterate

    • to destroy; annihilate

Origin of blot

C14: probably of Germanic origin; compare Middle Dutch bluyster blister

British Dictionary definitions for blot (2 of 2)


/ (blɒt) /

  1. backgammon a man exposed by being placed alone on a point and therefore able to be taken by the other player

  2. archaic a weak spot

Origin of blot

C16: perhaps from Middle Dutch bloot poor

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