[ brey-zuhn-feyst ]

  1. openly shameless; impudent.

Origin of brazen-faced

First recorded in 1565–75

Other words from brazen-faced

  • bra·zen-fac·ed·ly [brey-zuhn-fey-sid-lee, -feyst-], /ˈbreɪ zənˌfeɪ sɪd li, -ˌfeɪst-/, adverb Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use brazen-faced in a sentence

  • Why the Hotel Bellevue hadnt any shade-trees in front; why it was so glaringly hot and dusty and brazen-faced, we didnt see.

  • That brazen-faced hussy who calls herself Lady Clarinda is married, and she sends him nosegays three times a week!

    The Law and the Lady | Wilkie Collins
  • I haven't the patience to work at it as those foreign women do: a parcel of brazen-faced Jezebels—I hate them!

    The Law and the Lady | Wilkie Collins
  • If he didn't deserve it, you ought to be bastinadoed; and, if he did, he's brazen-faced enough.

  • Indignant women, forgetting the softness of sex, had arisen in just wrath to execute this brazen-faced apostle of mammon.

    Mixed Faces | Roy Norton

British Dictionary definitions for brazen-faced


  1. shameless or impudent

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