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variant of bright (adj.). It figures in English phonetic spelling reform from at least the late 19c.; as an advertiser's word it dates from at least 1905 ("Star-brite Metal Polish," made by the Star-Brite Company of Lancaster, Pa., U.S.).

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Historical Examples

  • Yesterday and day before it was brite and fair, and yesterday was as warm as summer.

    The Real Diary of a Real Boy

    Henry A. Shute

  • That Eagle, Sir, will continner to scream all over this Brite and tremenjus land!

    The Complete Works of Artemus Ward

    Charles Farrar Browne (AKA Artemus Ward)

  • In the Brite Lexington of yooth, thar aint no sich word as fale.

  • Thro the thick clouds uv gloom the brite sun uv hope cheerinly breaks.

    Swingin Round the Cirkle.

    Petroleum V. Nasby

  • Of course I miss you; as the poet sez "Your brite smile haunts me still."