Broca's area

[ broh-kuhz air-ee-uh ]
/ 藞bro蕣 k蓹z 藢蓻蓹r i 蓹 /
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noun Anatomy.
an area of the brain, usually considered to be located in the left inferior frontal gyrus, associated with speech production.
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Also called Bro路ca's re路gion [broh-kuhz ree-juhn], /藞bro蕣 k蓹z 藢ri d蕭蓹n/, Bro路ca's gy路rus [broh-kuhz jahy-ruhs] /藞bro蕣 k蓹z 藢d蕭a瑟 r蓹s/ . Formerly Bro路ca's con路vo路lu路tion [broh-kuhz kon-vuh-loo-shuhn] /藞bro蕣 k蓹z k蓲n v蓹藢lu 蕛蓹n/ .

Origin of Broca's area

First recorded in 1900鈥05; after P. Broca
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How to use Broca's area in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for Broca's area

Broca's area

Broca's centre

/ (藞br蓲k蓹z) /

the region of the cerebral cortex of the brain concerned with speech; the speech centre

Word Origin for Broca's area

C19: named after Paul Broca
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Scientific definitions for Broca's area

Broca's area
[ br艒k蓹z ]

An area located in the frontal lobe of the brain, usually in the left cerebral hemisphere. It is associated with the motor control of speech. Broca's area is named for French surgeon and anthropologist Pierre Paul Broca (1824-80), who first located the area.
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