[ broun-nohz ]
/ ˈbraʊnˌnoʊz /
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verb (used without object), brown-nosed, brown-nos·ing.
to curry favor; behave obsequiously.
verb (used with object), brown-nosed, brown-nos·ing.
to seek favors from (a person) in an obsequious manner; fawn over.
Also brown-noser. a toady; sycophant.
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Compare ass-kissing.

Origin of brown-nose

First recorded in 1935–40; brown + nose
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How to use brown-nose in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for brown-nose (1 of 2)

brown nose

vet science a form of light sensitization in cattle

British Dictionary definitions for brown-nose (2 of 2)

/ slang /

to be abjectly subservient (to); curry favour (with)
an abjectly subservient person; sycophant

Word Origin for brown-nose

C20: from the notion that a subservient person kisses the backside of the person with whom he or she is currying favour
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Other Idioms and Phrases with brown-nose

brown nose

Solicit favor obsequiously, toady. For example, Harry was always brown nosing, but it didn't help his grades. This term originated in the military in the late 1930s, where it meant “to curry favor”; it alludes to ass-kissing when the backside being kissed is less than clean. Despite its scatological origin, today this slangy term is not considered particularly vulgar.

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