[ buhb ]

  1. (used as an often insolent term of address) brother; buddy.

Origin of bub

1830–40, Americanism; perhaps <German Bub, short for Bube boy

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How to use bub in a sentence

  • There was a subdued titter at this, but bub had come in from the stable and had dropped on the edge of the porch.

  • With every day her feeling for her father and bub was knit a little more closely, and toward Dave grew a little more kindly.

  • bub pushed by her and threw open the shutters of a window to the low sunlight, and June stood with both hands to her head.

  • She was pruning a rose-bush with bub's penknife, and when she heard him coming she wheeled, quivering.

British Dictionary definitions for bub


/ (bʌb) /

  1. US informal fellow; youngster: used as a form of address

  2. Australian and NZ slang

    • a baby

    • bubs grade the first grade of schooling; nursery school

Origin of bub

C20: perhaps from German Bube boy

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