[ buhf-uh-loh-fish ]
/ ˈbʌf əˌloʊˌfɪʃ /
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noun, plural (especially collectively) buf·fa·lo·fish, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) buf·fa·lo·fish·es.
any of several large, carplike, North American, freshwater fishes of the genus Ictiobus, of the sucker family.
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Origin of buffalofish

An Americanism dating back to 1760–70; buffalo + fish
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How to use buffalofish in a sentence

  • Then the farmers go with a rush and the buffalo fish get scared.

    Swatty|Ellis Parker Butler
  • Look, the finest buffalo fish weve taken this afternoon, Dick!

  • And now, I wonder what kind it is, one of those slippery catfish, or the strongly built buffalo fish.

  • A darkey caught a catfish to-day that weighed twenty pounds and one he called a buffalo fish that weighed ten pounds.

    Diary of an Enlisted Man|Lawrence Van Alstyne

British Dictionary definitions for buffalofish

buffalo fish

any of several freshwater North American hump-backed cyprinoid fishes of the genus Ictiobus : family Catostomidae (suckers)
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