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toad genus, from Latin bufo "a toad," an Osco-Umbrian loan-word, perhaps from PIE *gwebh-, a root denoting sliminess and also forming words for "frog" (cf. Old Prussian gabawo "toad," Old Church Slavonic žaba "frog," Middle Low German kwappe "tadpole," German Quappe).

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  • The parasite infests not only the frogs but the American toads known as Bufo.

    Climatic Changes

    Ellsworth Huntington

  • The Bufo gigas is of a dull gray color, and is covered with warts.

  • In Bufo occidentalis the tympanum usually is indistinct and sometimes completely covered, and it is absent in bocourti.

  • Bufo occidentalis has a broader interorbital area and relatively shorter and more rounded parotid glands than bocourti.

  • Descriptions are given of the tadpoles of Bufo occidentalis and Hyla bistincta.