[ buhm-boht ]
/ ˈbʌmˌboʊt /

noun Nautical.

a boat used in peddling provisions and small wares among vessels lying in port or offshore.

Origin of bumboat

1665–75; probably partial translation of Dutch bomschuit a small fishing boat, perhaps contraction of bodemschuit(je) literally, bottom-boat
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Examples from the Web for bumboat

  • Young Potter's bill was tremendous, and Mrs. Bumboat bade him a regretful farewell when she visited us for the last time.

British Dictionary definitions for bumboat

/ (ˈbʌmˌbəʊt) /


any small boat used for ferrying supplies or goods for sale to a ship at anchor or at a mooring

Word Origin for bumboat

C17 (in the sense: scavenger's boat) bum, from Dutch boomschip canoe (from bom tree) + boat
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