/ (bʌnz) /

pl n
  1. informal, mainly US the buttocks

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How to use buns in a sentence

  • Whether buns and tea would have been equally effective is a question not now under consideration.

  • When in doubt you say that,—the white aprons in the one-arm lunch rooms say it now when you kick on the size of the buns.

    A Hoosier Chronicle | Meredith Nicholson
  • Men were offering eggs and chickens and fruit for sale upon the street, and bread, as I live, bread in small round loaves or buns.

  • But there was no kind Sweep to toss her bread and buns each day nor buy her bright red apples or plum cake.

    The Green Forest Fairy Book | Loretta Ellen Brady
  • In feeling for his woolen mittens he discovered the buns that Mr. Trail had dropped into his pocket for Bobby.

    Greyfriars Bobby | Eleanor Atkinson