[ber-ee-uh l]


the act or ceremony of burying.
the place of burying; grave.

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Origin of burial

1200–50; bury + -al2; replacing Middle English buriel, back formation from Old English byrgels burial place, equivalent to byrg(an) to bury + -els noun suffix; cf. riddle1

Related formsre·bur·i·al, noun

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the act of burying, esp the interment of a dead body

Word Origin for burial

Old English byrgels burial place, tomb; see bury, -al ²

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Word Origin and History for burial



"act of burying," late 13c.; earlier "tomb" (c.1200), false singular from Old English byrgels "tomb," from byrgan "to bury" + suffix -els; a compound also found in Old Saxon burgisli, suggesting a Proto-Germanic *burgisli-, from PIE *bhergh- "to hide, protect" (see bury). The Germanic suffix *-isli- (also in Old English hydels "hiding place," fætels "bag") became obsolete and was felt as a plural of the Latin-derived suffix -al (2) forming nouns of action from verbs (survival, approval, etc.).

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