[ burst ]
/ bɜrst /

verb (used without object), burst or, often, burst·ed, burst·ing.

verb (used with object), burst or, often, burst·ed, burst·ing.



    burst at the seams, to be filled to or beyond normal capacity: This room will be bursting at the seams when all the guests arrive.

Origin of burst

before 1000; Middle English bersten, bursten, Old English berstan (past. plural burston), cognate with Old High German brestan (German bersten), Old Norse bresta; akin to break
6 rend, tear.
10 spurt.
11, 12 outbreak.
Related formsnon·burst·ing, adjective, nounun·burst, adjective
Can be confusedbust burst (see usage note at bust2)

Usage note

See bust2.
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/ (bɜːst) /

verb bursts, bursting or burst



broken apart; ruptureda burst pipe
Derived Formsburster, noun

Word Origin for burst

Old English berstan; related to Old Norse bresta, Old Frisian bersta, Old High German brestan; compare break
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