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[kal-uh-bah-zuh, kah-luh-; Spanish kah-lah-vah-sah]
noun, plural ca·la·ba·zas [kal-uh-bah-zuh z, kah-luh-; Spanish kah-lah-vah-sahs] /ˌkæl əˈbɑ zəz, ˌkɑ lə-; Spanish ˌkɑ lɑˈvɑ sɑs/.
  1. a calabash.
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Historical Examples of calabaza

  • A variety of the native squash known as the Calabaza, always finds a ready sale in the local markets.

    The History of Cuba, vol. 5

    Willis Fletcher Johnson

  • Calabaza is the Spanish for pumpkin; but the Mexican pumpkin is different from that raised in our latitudes.