[loo k-out]


Cape, a sandy reef in the Outer Banks, off E North Carolina, SW of Cape Hatteras: lighthouse.

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the act of keeping watch against danger, etc
a person or persons instructed or employed to keep such a watch, esp on a ship
a strategic point from which a watch is kept
informal worry or concernthat's his lookout
mainly British outlook, chances, or view

verb look out (adverb, mainly intr)

to heed one's behaviour; be carefullook out for the children's health
to be on the watchlook out for my mother at the station
(tr) to search for and findI'll look out some curtains for your new house
(foll by on or over) to face in a particular directionthe house looks out over the moor
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also look-out, "person who stands watch or acts as a scout," 1690s, from look + out. Verbal phrase look out "be on the watch" attested from c.1600.

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see keep an eye out for (sharp lookout); on the lookout. Also see entries beginning with look out.

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