[ kahr-niv-er-uhs ]
/ kɑrˈnɪv ər əs /


flesh-eating: A dog is a carnivorous animal.
of the carnivores.

Origin of carnivorous

1640–50; < Latin carnivorus, equivalent to carni- (combining form of carō flesh) + -vorus -vorous

SYNONYMS FOR carnivorous

1 meat-eating, predatory, predacious.

Related forms

Can be confused

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British Dictionary definitions for carnivorousness


/ (kɑːˈnɪvərəs) /


(esp of animals) feeding on flesh
(of plants such as the pitcher plant and sundew) able to trap and digest insects and other small animals
of or relating to the Carnivora
informal aggressively ambitious or reactionary

Derived Forms

carnivorously, adverbcarnivorousness, noun

Word Origin for carnivorous

C17: from Latin carnivorus, from carō flesh + vorāre to consume
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