[ kahr-puhn-tyair; Spanish kahr-pen-tyer ]

  1. A·le·jo [uh-ley-hoh; Spanish ah-le-haw], /əˈleɪ hoʊ; Spanish ɑˈlɛ hɔ/, 1904–80, Cuban novelist, writer, and musicologist.

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How to use Carpentier in a sentence

  • M. Carpentier begins, of course, by having his mica scrupulously clean and well selected.

    On Laboratory Arts | Richard Threlfall
  • Carpentier has this gift to perfection, better than any other fighter I have seen.

  • M. Carpentier has furnished us with representations of both these castles, drawn and etched by himself, in the Itinerary of Rouen.

  • Carpentier was first out of his corner and landed the first blow, a light but stinging left to the face.

    Pieces of Hate | Heywood Broun
  • We have all heard, of course, of sport for sport's sake but Georges Carpentier established a still more glamorous ideal.

    Pieces of Hate | Heywood Broun

British Dictionary definitions for Carpentier


/ (French karpɑ̃tje) /

  1. Georges (ʒɔrʒ), known as Gorgeous Georges. 1894–1975, French boxer: world light-heavyweight champion (1920–22)

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