[ kuh-set, ka- ]
/ kəˈsɛt, kæ- /


Also called cassette tape . a compact case containing a length of magnetic tape that runs between two small reels: used for recording or playback of audio or video in a tape recorder, cassette deck, video camera, or VCR, and for storage of data by some small computer systems.See also audiocassette, videocassette.
Photography. a lightproof metal or plastic container for a roll of film, having a single spool for supplying and rewinding the film.
a replaceable or refillable cartridge in a typewriter or printer that contains the ribbon or ink.
a case or tray in a printer or copier that holds the paper.



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Origin of cassette

1955–60; <French, equivalent to casse “box” (see case2) + -ette -ette Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

British Dictionary definitions for cassette

/ (kæˈsɛt) /


  1. a plastic container for magnetic tape, as one inserted into a tape deck
  2. (as modifier)a cassette recorder
photog another term for cartridge (def. 5)
films a container for film used to facilitate the loading of a camera or projector, esp when the film is used in the form of a loop
the injection of genes from one species into the fertilized egg of another species

Word Origin for cassette

C18: from French: little box; see case ²
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