cat's eye

or cat's-eye

[ kats-ahy ]

noun,plural cat's eyes, cat's-eyes.
  1. any of certain gems having a chatoyant luster, especially chrysoberyl.

  2. a playing marble marked with eyelike concentric circles.

Origin of cat's eye

First recorded in 1545–55

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British Dictionary definitions for cat's-eye (1 of 2)


  1. any of a group of gemstones, esp a greenish-yellow variety of chrysoberyl, that reflect a streak of light when cut in a rounded unfaceted shape

  2. Also called: ataata a grazing marine gastropod, Turbo smaragdus, of New Zealand waters

British Dictionary definitions for Catseye (2 of 2)


/ (ˈkætsˌaɪ) /

  1. trademark British a glass reflector set into a small fixture, placed at intervals along roads to indicate traffic lanes at night

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