[kat-i-kiz-uh m]


  1. an elementary book containing a summary of the principles of the Christian religion, especially as maintained by a particular church, in the form of questions and answers.
  2. the contents of such a book.
a similar book of instruction in other subjects.
a series of formal questions put, as to political candidates, to bring out their views.
catechetical instruction.

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Origin of catechism

1495–1505; < Late Latin catēchismus apparently equivalent to catēch(izāre) to catechize + -ismus -ism

Related formscat·e·chis·mal, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for catechism



instruction by a series of questions and answers, esp a book containing such instruction on the religious doctrine of a Christian Church
rigorous and persistent questioning, as in a test or interview
Derived Formscatechismal, adjective

Word Origin for catechism

C16: from Late Latin catēchismus, ultimately from Greek katēkhizein to catechize

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Word Origin and History for catechism



c.1500, "instruction in Christian principles," also "elementary question-and-answer book of religious instruction," from French catéchisme (14c.) and directly from Church Latin catechismus "book of instruction," from Greek katekhismos, from katekhizein "to teach orally" (see catechize). Related: Catechismal.

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