[ kah-voh-ri-lee-voh, key- ]
/ ˈkɑ voʊ rɪˈli voʊ, ˈkeɪ- /

noun, plural ca·vo-re·lie·vos. Fine Arts.

a form of relief sculpture in which the volumes are carved or incised so that the highest points are below or level with the original surface.Compare intaglio(defs 1–3).
a piece of sculpture in this form.

Origin of cavo-relievo

< Italian cavo-rilievo hollow relief. See cave, relief2
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/ (ˌkɑːvəʊrɪˈliːvəʊ, ˌkeɪ-) /

noun plural -vos or -vi (-vɪ)

a relief sculpture in which the highest point in the carving is below the level of the original surface

Word Origin for cavo-relievo

Italian, literally: hollow relief
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