/ (ˈkɔːlɪ) /

  1. Evonne (née Goolagong). born 1951, Australian tennis player: winner of seven Grand Slam singles titles including Wimbledon (1971,1980) and the Australian Open (1974–76, 1977 (December))

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How to use Cawley in a sentence

  • This was followed shortly by an invention of Newcomer and Cawley, which was a very considerable advance on previous engines.

    Invention | Bradley A. Fiske
  • Lew Cawley was sent out with Tresler to instruct him in mending barbed-wire fences.

    The Night Riders | Ridgwell Cullum
  • Gaston quietly felt her wrist, counting the pulse-beats; then told Cawley to wet a cloth and hand it to him.

    The Trespasser, Complete | Gilbert Parker
  • Gaston told Cawley that he would drive over at once, and then asked who it was had called out at him.

    The Trespasser, Complete | Gilbert Parker
  • Cawley had thrown his arms about the struggling, drunken assailant—Jock's poaching friend.

    The Trespasser, Complete | Gilbert Parker