chargé d'affaires

[ shahr-zhey duh-fair, shahr-zhey; French shar-zhey da-fer ]
/ ʃɑrˈʒeɪ dəˈfɛər, ˈʃɑr ʒeɪ; French ʃar ʒeɪ daˈfɛr /
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noun, plural char·gés d'af·faires [shahr-zheyz duh-fair, shahr-zheyz; French shar-zhey da-fer]. /ʃɑrˈʒeɪz dəˈfɛər, ˈʃɑr ʒeɪz; French ʃar ʒeɪ daˈfɛr/. Government.
Also called chargé d'affaires ad interim. an official placed in charge of diplomatic business during the temporary absence of the ambassador or minister.
an envoy to a state to which a diplomat of higher grade is not sent.
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Origin of chargé d'affaires

1760–70; <French: literally, one in charge of things
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How to use chargé d'affaires in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for chargé d'affaires

chargé d'affaires
/ (ˈʃɑːʒeɪ dæˈfɛə, French ʃarʒe dafɛr) /

noun plural chargés d'affaires (ˈʃɑːʒeɪ, -ʒeɪz, French ʃarʒe)
the temporary head of a diplomatic mission in the absence of the ambassador or minister
the head of a diplomatic mission of the lowest level

Word Origin for chargé d'affaires

C18: from French: (one) charged with affairs
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