vinyl chloride

noun Chemistry.

a colorless, easily liquefied, flammable, slightly water-soluble gas, C2H3Cl, having a pleasant, etherlike odor: used in the manufacture of plastics, as a refrigerant, and in the synthesis of polyvinyl chloride and other organic compounds.

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Also called chloroethene, chloroethylene.


[ klawr-oh-eth-een, klohr- ]
/ ˌklɔr oʊˈɛθ in, ˌkloʊr- /


Also chlo·ro·eth·yl·ene [klawr-oh-eth-uh-leen, klohr-] /ˌklɔr oʊˈɛθ əˌlin, ˌkloʊr-/.

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British Dictionary definitions for chloroethylene

vinyl chloride


a colourless flammable gaseous unsaturated compound made by the chlorination of ethylene and used as a refrigerant and in the manufacture of PVC; chloroethylene; chloroethene. Formula: CH:CHCl
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Medicine definitions for chloroethylene

vinyl chloride


A flammable gas used in the plastics industry as a monomer for polyvinyl chloride and suspected of being a potent carcinogen in humans.

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Science definitions for chloroethylene

vinyl chloride

A flammable gas used to make polyvinyl chloride. Chemical formula: C2H3Cl.
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