[ kwahyuhr ]
/ kwaɪər /
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a company of singers, especially an organized group employed in church service.
any group of musicians or musical instruments; a musical company, or band, or a division of one: string choir.
  1. the part of a church occupied by the singers of the choir.
  2. the part of a cruciform church east of the crossing.
(in medieval angelology) one of the orders of angels.


professed to recite or chant the divine office: a choir monk.

verb (used with or without object)

to sing or sound in chorus.



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Also Archaic, quire .

Origin of choir

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English quer, from Old French cuer, from Latin chorus “choir,” replacing Old English chor, from Latin; see chorus
choirlike, adjective
choir , quire
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British Dictionary definitions for choir

/ (kwaɪə) /


an organized group of singers, esp for singing in church services
  1. the part of a cathedral, abbey, or church in front of the altar, lined on both sides with benches, and used by the choir and clergyCompare chancel
  2. (as modifier)choir stalls
a number of instruments of the same family playing togethera brass choir
Also called: choir organ one of the manuals on an organ controlling a set of soft sweet-toned pipesCompare great (def. 21), swell (def. 16)
any of the nine orders of angels in medieval angelology
Archaic spelling: quire
choirlike, adjective
C13 quer, from Old French cuer, from Latin chorus
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