[ kawr-ee-og-ruh-fee, kohr- ]
/ ˌkɔr iˈɒg rə fi, ˌkoʊr- /


the art of composing ballets and other dances and planning and arranging the movements, steps, and patterns of dancers.
the technique of representing the various movements in dancing by a system of notation.
the arrangement or manipulation of actions leading up to an event: the choreography of a surprise birthday party.

Origin of choreography

1780–90; < Greek chore- (stem of choreía chorea) + -o- + -graphy
Related formscho·re·o·graph·ic [kawr-ee-uh-graf-ik, kohr-] /ˌkɔr i əˈgræf ɪk, ˌkoʊr-/, adjectivecho·re·o·graph·i·cal·ly, adverb Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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choregraphy (kɒˈrɛɡrəfɪ)

/ (ˌkɒrɪˈɒɡrəfɪ) /


the composition of dance steps and sequences for ballet and stage dancing
the steps and sequences of a ballet or dance
the notation representing such steps
the art of dancing
Derived Formschoreographer or choregrapher, nounchoreographic (ˌkɒrɪəˈɡræfɪk) or choregraphic (ˌkɒrəˈɡræfɪk), adjectivechoreographically or choregraphically, adverb

Word Origin for choreography

C18: from Greek khoreia dance + -graphy
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Word Origin and History for choreography



1789, from French chorégraphie, coined from Latinized form of Greek khoreia "dance" (see chorus) + graphein "to write" (see -graphy). Related: Choreographic.

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The art of arranging dance movements for performance.

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