/ (ˈklærənsuː) /

  1. heraldry the second King-of-Arms in England

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How to use Clarenceux in a sentence

  • She recited Clarenceux's last phrases with such genuine emotion that I could almost hear Clarenceux himself saying them.

    The Ghost | Arnold Bennett
  • I felt sure that she had remembered them precisely, and that Clarenceux would, indeed, have employed just such terms.

    The Ghost | Arnold Bennett
  • Cooke, Clarenceux, granted upwards of five hundred coats, and the two Dethicks twice that number in this reign.

    The Curiosities of Heraldry | Mark Antony Lower
  • Across the lower part of it ran the signature, in large, stiff characters, "Clarenceux."

    The Ghost | Arnold Bennett
  • My love was independent of my will, and therefore the ghost of Clarenceux, do what it might, could not tear it from me.

    The Ghost | Arnold Bennett