[ klohth ]
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verb (used with object),clothed or clad, cloth·ing.
  1. to dress; attire.

  2. to provide with clothing.

  1. to cover with or as with clothing.

Origin of clothe

before 950; Middle English clothen,Old English clāthian, derivative of clāthcloth

Other words for clothe

Other words from clothe

  • half-clothed, adjective
  • pre·clothe, verb (used with object), pre·clothed, pre·cloth·ing.
  • re·clothe, verb (used with object), re·clothed or re·clad, re·cloth·ing.
  • un·der·clothed, adjective
  • well-clothed, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for clothe


/ (kləʊð) /

verbclothes, clothing, clothed or clad (tr)
  1. to dress or attire (a person)

  2. to provide with clothing or covering

  1. to conceal or disguise

  2. to endow or invest

Origin of clothe

Old English clāthian, from clāth cloth; related to Old Norse klætha

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