[ klot ]
/ klɒt /
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verb (used without object), clot·ted, clot·ting.

to form into clots; coagulate.

verb (used with object), clot·ted, clot·ting.



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Origin of clot

before 1000; Middle English; Old English clott lump; cognate with Middle Dutch klotte,German Klotz block, log (cf. klutz)
de·clot, verb, de·clot·ted, de·clot·ting.non·clot·ting, adjectiveun·clot·ted, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for clot

/ (klɒt) /


a soft thick lump or massa clot of blood
British informal a stupid person; fool

verb clots, clotting or clotted

to form or cause to form into a soft thick lump or lumps
clottish, adjective
Old English clott, of Germanic origin; compare Middle Dutch klotte block, lump
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Medical definitions for clot

[ klŏt ]


A soft, nonrigid, insoluble mass formed when blood or lymph gels.


To coagulate.
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Scientific definitions for clot

[ klŏt ]

A soft insoluble mass formed when blood or lymph gels. During blood clotting, white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, and various clotting factors interact in a cascade of chemical reactions initiated by a wound. When a body tissue is injured, calcium ions and platelets act on prothrombin to produce the enzyme thrombin. Thrombin then catalyzes the conversion of the protein fibrinogen into fibrin, a fibrous protein that holds the clot together. An abnormal clot inside the blood vessels or the heart (a thrombus or an embolus) can obstruct blood flow.
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