or coe路lome ce路lom

[ see-luhm ]
/ 藞si l蓹m /
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noun, plural coe路loms, coe路lo路ma路ta [si-loh-muh-tuh]. /s瑟藞lo蕣 m蓹 t蓹/. Zoology.
the body cavity of higher metazoans, between the body wall and intestine, lined with a mesodermal epithelium.
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Origin of coelom

1875鈥80; <Greek ko铆l艒ma cavity, equivalent to koil艒-, variant stem of koilo没n to hollow out (verbal derivative of ko卯los hollow) + -ma noun suffix denoting result


coe路lom路ic [si-lom-ik, -loh-mik], /s瑟藞l蓲m 瑟k, -藞lo蕣 m瑟k/, adjective
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How to use coelom in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for coelom


esp US celom

/ (藞si藧l蓹蕣m, -l蓹m) /

the body cavity of many multicellular animals, situated in the mesoderm and containing the digestive tract and other visceral organs

Derived forms of coelom

coelomic or esp US celomic (s瑟藞l蓲m瑟k), adjective

Word Origin for coelom

C19: from Greek koil艒ma cavity, from koilos hollow; see coel-
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Medical definitions for coelom


The cavity formed by the splitting of the embryonic mesoderm into two layers; in mammals it then forms into the peritoneal, pleural, and pericardial cavities.
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Scientific definitions for coelom

[ s膿l蓹m ]

The body cavity that forms from the mesoderm during the embryonic development of more complex animals. The coelom suspends the gut in fluid in the middle of the body, protecting it from gravity and allowing great increases in body size. The presence or absence of a coelom is important for the classification of animal phyla. See more at deuterostome protostome.
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