Coeur d'Alene

or Coeur d'A·lêne

[ kur dl-eyn, or, especially for 3 kawr dl-eyn ]

noun,plural Coeur d'A·lenes (especially collectively) Coeur d'Al·ene for 1.
  1. Also called Schi·tsu’umsh [shtee-choo-uhmps] /ˈʃti tʃu əmps/ . a member of an Indigenous people in northern Idaho and southern Washington State around Coeur d'Alene Lake.

  2. Also called Schi·tsu'umsh·tsn [shtee-choo-uhmps-uhn-tsuhn] /ˌʃti tʃuˈʌmps ən tsən/ . the Salishan language of the Coeur d'Alene.

  1. a city in northern Idaho.

  1. of or relating to the Coeur d'Alene or their language.

Origin of Coeur d'Alene

First recorded in 1804–06 in the Lewis and Clark expedition; from French Coeur d'Alêne “heart of (an) awl,” of disputed meaning; possibly applied by French traders to a stingy tribal chief, possibly applied by a tribal chief's description of the size of a French trader's heart, or possibly referring to the sharpness of the trading skills of the native people in their dealings with the traders

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