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Origin of come

before 900; Middle English comen, Old English cuman; cognate with Dutch komen, German kommen, Gothic qiman, Old Norse koma, Latin venīre (see avenue), Greek baínein (see basis), Sanskrit gácchati (he) goes Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for come through

come through

verb (intr)

(adverb) to emerge successfully
(preposition) to survive (an illness, setback, etc)


verb comes, coming, came or come (mainly intr)

to move towards a specified person or placecome to my desk
to arrive by movement or by making progress
to become perceptiblelight came into the sky
to occur in the course of timeChristmas comes but once a year
to exist or occur at a specific point in a seriesyour turn comes next
to happen as a resultno good will come of this
to originate or be derivedgood may come of evil
to occur to the mindthe truth suddenly came to me
to extend or reachshe comes up to my shoulder
to be produced or offeredthat dress comes in red only
to arrive at or be brought into a particular state or conditionyou will soon come to grief; the new timetable comes into effect on Monday
(foll by from) to be or have been a resident or native (of)I come from London
to becomeyour wishes will come true
(tr; takes an infinitive) to be given awarenessI came to realize its enormous value
(of grain) to germinate
slang to have an orgasm
(tr) British informal to play the part ofdon't come the fine gentleman with me
(tr) British informal to cause or producedon't come that nonsense again
(subjunctive use) when (a specified time or event has arrived or begun)she'll be sixteen come Sunday; come the revolution, you'll be the first to go
as…as they come the most characteristic example of a class or type
come again? informal what did you say?
come and (imperative or dependent imperative) to move towards a particular person or thing or accompany a person with some specified purposecome and see what I've found
come clean informal to make a revelation or confession
come good informal to recover and perform well after a bad start or setback
come it slang
  1. to pretend; act a part
  2. to exaggerate
  3. (often foll by over)to try to impose (upon)
  4. to divulge a secret; inform the police
come to light to be revealed
come to light with Australian and NZ informal to find or produce
come to pass archaic to take place
how come? informal what is the reason that?


an exclamation expressing annoyance, irritation, etccome now!; come come!

noun taboo, slang


Word Origin for come

Old English cuman; related to Old Norse koma, Gothic qiman, Old High German queman to come, Sanskrit gámati he goes

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Word Origin and History for come through


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Idioms and Phrases with come through

come through


Also, come through with. Do what is required or anticipated; succeed. For example, My parents really came through for me when I needed help, or He came through with flying colors. [Late 1800s]


Become manifested or be communicated, as in He tried to keep a straight face but his true feelings came through nevertheless. [Mid-1900s]


Be approved, as in If the second mortgage comes through, we can afford to redecorate.


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Also see undercoming.

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