concours d'élégance

[ French kawn-koor dey-ley-gahns; English kong-koo r del-i-gahns, -gans ]
/ French kɔ̃ kur deɪ leɪˈgɑ̃s; English kɒŋˈkʊər ˌdɛl ɪˈgɑns, -ˈgæns /

noun, plural con·cours d'é·lé·gance [French kawn-koor dey-ley-gahns; English kong-koo rz del-i-gahns, -gans] /French kɔ̃ kur deɪ leɪˈgɑ̃s; English kɒŋˈkʊərz ˌdɛl ɪˈgɑns, -ˈgæns/.

a public exhibition and competition in which automobiles or other vehicles are judged, chiefly on the basis of elegance and beauty.

Origin of concours d'élégance

1935–40; < French: literally, elegance competition Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for concours d'elegance

concours d'élégance

/ French (kɔ̃kur deleɡɑ̃s) /


a parade of cars or other vehicles, prizes being awarded to the most elegant, best designed, or best turned-out
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