[ kuhn-den-ser ]

  1. a person or thing that condenses.

  2. an apparatus for condensing.

  1. any device for reducing gases or vapors to liquid or solid form.

  2. Optics. a lens or combination of lenses that gathers and concentrates light in a specified direction, often used to direct light onto the projection lens in a projection system.

  3. Electricity. capacitor.

Origin of condenser

First recorded in 1680–90; condense + -er1

Other words from condenser

  • in·ter·con·dens·er, noun

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How to use condenser in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for condenser


/ (kənˈdɛnsə) /

    • an apparatus for reducing gases to their liquid or solid form by the abstraction of heat

    • a device for abstracting heat, as in a refrigeration unit

  1. a lens that concentrates light into a small area

  1. another name for capacitor

  2. a person or device that condenses

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Scientific definitions for condenser


[ kən-dĕnsər ]

  1. An apparatus used to condense vapor, usually using cooling or pressurization.

  1. A mirror, lens, or combination of lenses used to gather light and direct it upon an object or through a projection lens.

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