[ kuhn-fahyd ]
/ kənˈfaɪd /
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verb (used without object), con·fid·ed, con·fid·ing.
to impart secrets trustfully; discuss private matters or problems (usually followed by in): She confides in no one but her husband.
to have full trust; have faith: They confided in their own ability.
verb (used with object), con·fid·ed, con·fid·ing.
to tell in assurance of secrecy: He confided all his plans to her.
to entrust; commit to the charge or knowledge of another: She confided her jewelry to her sister.
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Origin of confide

1625–35; <Latin confīdere, equivalent to con-con- + fīdere to trust, akin to foedus;see confederate, fidelity


con·fid·er, nounpre·con·fide, verb, pre·con·fid·ed, pre·con·fid·ing.un·con·fid·ed, adjectivewell-con·fid·ed, adjective
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How to use confide in a sentence

  • That back turned to Wade was the back of the humble confider, the back of the martyr.

  • The point is whether I give the confider the right to confidence.

  • On the other part confider the Duke of Camerino in great distresse and daunger, to passe that strait of death my Brethren did.

    The Palace of Pleasure|William Painter
  • Who is to decide what is a reasonable amount—the confidant or the confider?

    Cinderella Jane|Marjorie Benton Cooke

British Dictionary definitions for confide

/ (kənˈfaɪd) /

(usually foll by in; when tr, may take a clause as object) to disclose (secret or personal matters) in confidence (to); reveal in private (to)
(intr foll by in) to have complete trust
(tr) to entrust into another's keeping

Derived forms of confide

confider, noun

Word Origin for confide

C15: from Latin confīdere, from fīdere to trust; related to Latin foedus treaty
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