[ kawr-dl-yair-uh, -air-uh, kawr-dil-er-uh ]
/ ˌkɔr dlˈyɛər ə, -ˈɛər ə, kɔrˈdɪl ər ə /


a chain of mountains, usually the principal mountain system or mountain axis of a large landmass.

Origin of cordillera

1695–1705; < Spanish, derivative of cordilla, diminutive of cuerda string, mountain range (< Latin chorda); see cord


cor·dil·le·ran, adjective

Definition for cordilleran (2 of 2)

[ kawr-dl-yair-uh z, -air-, kawr-dil-er-uh z; Spanish kawr-th ee-ye-rahs for 1 ]
/ ˌkɔr dlˈyɛər əz, -ˈɛər-, kɔrˈdɪl ər əz; Spanish ˌkɔr ðiˈyɛ rɑs for 1 /


a mountain system in W South America: the Andes and its component ranges.
a mountain system in W North America, including the Sierra Nevada, Coast Range, Cascade Range, and Rocky Mountains.
the entire chain of mountain ranges parallel to the Pacific coast, extending from Cape Horn to Alaska.


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Examples from the Web for cordilleran

  • Mexico, unlike other Cordilleran countries, lends itself to travel in certain directions by means of roads and vehicles.

    Mexico|Charles Reginald Enock
  • During the wet season the vicua browses on the scanty vegetation of the Cordilleran ridges.

    The Desert World|Arthur Mangin
  • The Tapir Pinchaca appears to be confined to the region of the Cordilleran table-lands.

    The Desert World|Arthur Mangin

British Dictionary definitions for cordilleran (1 of 2)

/ (ˌkɔːdɪlˈjɛərə) /


a series of parallel ranges of mountains, esp in the northwestern US

Derived forms of cordillera

cordilleran, adjective

Word Origin for cordillera

C18: from Spanish, from cordilla, literally: a little cord, from cuerda mountain range, cord

British Dictionary definitions for cordilleran (2 of 2)

/ (ˌkɔːdɪlˈjɛərəz, Spanish korðiˈʎeras) /

pl n

the Cordilleras the complex of mountain ranges on the W side of the Americas, extending from Alaska to Cape Horn and including the Andes and the Rocky Mountains
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Science definitions for cordilleran

[ kôr′dl-yârə ]

A long and wide chain of mountains, especially the main mountain range of a large landmass. Cordilleras can include the valleys, basins, rivers, lakes, plains, and plateaus between parallel chains of a single mountain system, or they can consist solely of a string of connected mountain peaks.
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