[ kaw-rel-ee, koh-; for 1 also Italian kaw-rel-lee ]

  1. Ar·can·ge·lo [ahr-kahn-je-law], /ɑrˈkɑn dʒɛˌlɔ/, 1653–1713, Italian violinist and composer.

  2. Marie Mary Mackay, 1854?–1924, English novelist.

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How to use Corelli in a sentence

  • I have heard it said, with a sneer, that "You can take an honours degree in Marie Corelli."

  • I read somewhere, too, that Marie Corelli's about the only person who makes a thing out of literature.

    The Longest Journey | E. M. Forster
  • So does she—she's awfully clever, she doesn't think anything of Marie Corelli; and she likes a man.

    The Dark Tower | Phyllis Bottome
  • We would remark in the first place that the sexual problem clutches Miss Corelli hotly in its drastic grip.

    Modernities | Horace Barnett Samuel
  • Miss Corelli, however, is by no means obtuse to the baleful effect on the spiritual life exercised by physical blandishments.

    Modernities | Horace Barnett Samuel

British Dictionary definitions for Corelli


/ (kɒˈrɛlɪ) /

  1. (Italian koˈrɛlli) Arcangelo (arˈkandʒelo). 1653–1713, Italian violinist and composer of sonatas and concerti grossi

  2. Marie, real name Mary Mackay . 1854–1924, British novelist. Her melodramatic works include The Sorrows of Satan (1895) and The Murder of Delicia (1896)

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